Take-Home Points

  1. Fleas and Ticks are in our area year-round.
  2. Prevention methods are not created equal.
    • Flea collars do not protect the entire pet just near the collar.  They are also difficult to dose accurately and therefore safely.
    • Be sure to dose your pet correctly.
      • Use the correct size based on your pet’s most recent weight.
      • Never give a dog’s flea and tick prevention to a cat.  Some are toxic to cats and can cause seizures and death.  Generally, these have -this in the name (ie permethrin)                  
  3. Prevention should be used all year even after a freeze.
    • Remember that many guarantees provided by reputable companies are not honored if all pets are not on prevention!
  4. All pets are at risk.  Even pets that spend 99% of their time indoors can be affected by parasites of all kinds.
  5. Harmful and potentially life-threatening disease conditions can result from both flea and tick infestations.
  6. Treatment is typically use of the prevention in a regulated manner.  In instances of a flea infestation, the home must be treated as well using bombs or premise sprays.
    • In some instances, antibiotics, hospitalization, IV fluids, pain medications, and other more aggressive treatments are needed.