Paula Groves

Paula Groves has been part of our team since November 2004 as a full-time groomer. She grew up with animals in her house. A few of her friends lived on farms and had several different species. She loves animals of all kinds and has always lived in or around Fremont.

She decided to try grooming at age 29, after having several restaurant and service jobs. She loves making the pooches beautiful. Immediately after she started learning to groom, she knew this was the job for her. It satisfies her to know that she’s helping animals feel better and making them look beautiful.

She and her husband, Gary, live in Cedar Bluffs. They have lived there for 16 years and have been married for 17. They have been slowly renovating their home. It’s almost perfect! In their spare time, they enjoy racing their newly acquired corvette. They also love to vacation and go fishing. They have several children and grandchildren that they love to spend time with.